How to revive dying tree and bush


Hi, I moved into a house near steeles and bayview a couple yrs ago and noticed that this bush lining my driveway (see image) has a lot of branches where leaves just don’t grow. Is there a way for me to fix this? Thanks!


You seem to have inherited what appears to be the remains of a old, badly pruned and maintained hedge. Cutting back into the bare wood is unlikely to prompt new growth.

I would consider this an excellent opportunity to replace it with a new hedge or to use the bed in a different way, perhaps with easier-to-care-for shrubs and perennials, ideally native ones.

Here are some resources that might inspire you.

Our Gardening Guide on evergreen hedges: Evergreens Suitable for Hedging: A Toronto Master Gardeners Guide

And two others: Ornamental Shrubs for Various Light Conditions: A Toronto Master Gardeners Guide

Gardening with Native Shrubs: A Toronto Master Gardeners Guide