Pawpaw and pests


I am planting two pawpaws this spring and am considering where to plant them. I was wondering how far from other trees I should plant them. The reason I get a lot of squirrels and raccoons in my yard and am wondering if I should expect those animals to eat the fruit. Thanks!


You are brave and generous to plant pawpaw trees.

Asimina triloba has many health benefits for humans — and squirrels and raccoons too! They love them.

The tree is beautiful. To help you appreciate your endeavour with fruit production, I am including a website from Cornell University on care, with many sources to check out.

The most comprehensive source I found for you to learn many types of deterrents is the following: however, we do not recommend harmful solutions such as cayenne pepper.

Planting pepper plants, keeping the area under the trees clear of debris, and severe pruning, as well as distance from sheds, house, other trees, offer good options.

Personally, I find one of the best deterrents to hungry invaders is having a dog: but they only work in the daytime. Enjoy!

May 1, 2021