Perennial for our home garden


Looking for suggestions on perennials for our front and back yard. The soil is clay. We have partly sun and shade areas. These are pictures of our back yard.

Thank you


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners. Before you plant perennials it would make a big difference to their success if you amend your soil with compost before you plant. After that an annual application of compost would improve your garden’s fertility.

Perennials that grow in sunny areas include:
Aster Novi-Belgi ‘Jenny’, Astrantia Major, Anemone x hybrid, Campanula latiloba, Geranium Rozanne, and Monarda ‘Mahogany’(Bee balm)
Perennials that grow in more shaded sunny areas include:
Aruncus Dioicus (Goat’s beard), Astilbe, Eupatorium Rogosum (White snake root), and Bergenia species

For information about plant choices please see the following links: