Oak Sapling


Hi there! I was just gifted two oak saplings that are potted in the same pot. I don’t know much about caring for oak saplings but would love to learn more. I haven’t separated the oak saplings but wanted to ask if I should pot them in separate pots. Also, I live in Texas and wanted to ask when it would be ideal to actually transplant the oak saplings to a permanent location in my backyard.


Thanks for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners. And thank you for including a good picture of the oak saplings, most likely swamp white oaks (Quercus bicolor), a medium-sized native tree, usually found in northeastern North America.,

Given the size of these saplings, it would probably be best to transplant them into permanent locations in your backyard–it would be more difficult to transplant if it were larger. One has to consider how large they will become and if your backyard will potentially have enough room for them. Keep in mind that this species of oak prefers medium to wet, acidic soil in full sun. As the common name suggests, this tree prefers moist soil, but will tolerate some drought. Given the fact that you live somewhere in Texas, we can’t advise on the type of soil that you may have. If conditions are good for growing these trees, you can look forward to many years of a wonderful shade tree.

For information about planting the saplings, please  refer to the Toronto Master Gardener guide below.

We hope that these saplings will grow successfully in your yard.