Phlox subulata


I bought small phlox last November, they were on sale. I planted them in my garden. So you think they will have a chance to survive the winter because I planted them late? Thanks you very much.


Phlox subulata can make a beautiful groundcover in a full sun garden.  I am assuming you purchased a potted plant at a garden centre, and that you removed the pot prior to planting.  A potted plant has its entire root system intact, a factor in successful outcome.

The best time to plant perennials is the spring and fall, when the weather is not too hot and the soil tends to be more moist.  As long as the soil is workable (ie not frozen), you can transplant phlox in the fall, so you have planted at the correct time of year.

We would also suggest applying an organic fertilizer, likely available where you purchased the plant, in early spring when the soil thaws, as this will give your new plant some nutrients as the buds get ready to flower.

Our “Gardening Guides” section of our website may also provide you with additional information on planting perennials.