‘Pincushion’ boxwood


Do you have any idea where I can find 2 gallon pin cushion boxwood plants – I planted a line in the fall at the front of my house but I was 3 plants short – now I can’t find this variety. I am in Toronto.


Dear  Toronto homeowner:  You question regarding buying more boxwood is a very good one, especially as your planting location is at the front of your house. For this front-and-centre location, you really do want to purchase exactly the ‘Pincushion’ variety of Buxus sinica var. insularis previously planted. The many commonly available boxwood varieties differ from each other in foliage color and shape and overall plant form. Popular are: ‘Green Mountain’, ‘English’, ‘Green Velvet’, ‘Winter Beauty’, and your ‘Pincushion’.  And as you are looking for 2-gallon plants (as opposed to 1-gallon) I assume you want plants that match the growth development, albeit relatively slow, which is also an important consideration for consistency in your overall presentation.

Toronto Master Gardeners encourages our clients to research their needs and interests, and to be in contact directly with nursery retails/wholesalers. Your first inquiry might be directly with the vendor you originally bought from, although I assume you’ve tried this. The good news is: Toronto is favoured  with being surrounded on the west, north and east with many large, expert nurseries who, when contacted, would  hopefully be helpful in sourcing your ‘Pincushion’ variety.

Wishing you a successful search, and thank you for writing!