Reflowering of haskap bush


I have 8 haskaps, and all flowered and set fruit as normal last spring. One, however, went into hyperdrive and flowered again in late summer (no fruit produced) This spring it’s only half its original size, with few flowers. Why does this happen and how to prevent it ?


As a relative newcomer to Canada, the Haskap’s cultural requirements are not as thoroughly documented as other well-established berries.  Here is a good growing guide produced by the University of Saskatchewan, a leader in the breeding of Lonicera caerulea cultivars suitable for Canada:

A second flowering does not seem to be typical of this plant, but it is not surprising that no fruit was produced, because your flowering plant would have needed one of its companions blooming at the same time to pollinate those flowers.   Did you fertilize near that particular plant later in the season by any chance?  Fertilization is recommended only in early spring for Haskaps, and a later application may have caused that surge in growth that resulted in a second flowering.  This late growth could possibly account for its lacklustre performance this spring.  Is its planting area weed-free and grass-free?  Young plants, especially, should have a weed-free environment for best growth.  It is difficult to pinpoint the reason for this plant’s failure to grow well.  Another year’s worth of close monitoring and good cultural practices including the application of compost in the early spring and appropriate irrigation should give you a sense of whether this particular plant will thrive in the longer term.