Plant identification–Spotted Bellflower


found in leaside, Toronto. about 18″ high, in an 18″ clump.


Dear gardener, thank you for choosing the Toronto Master Gardeners to ask your gardening question.

I have a wonderfully useful App called, Picture This, that I use all the time to identify plants and trees. I have even used it overseas and it has helped identify plants in the southern hemisphere. I believe there are a number of plant applications that are available, but this one seems to do the job for me, although it is not free.

In answer to your question: the flower is a Spotted bellflower. Its other common names are long-flowered harebell and Cherry Bells. Its botanical name is Campanula punctata. It is a perennial that is native to Siberia, China and Japan. If you plan to grow it please note it can spread aggressively.