Planting ‘Autumn Blaze’ Maple close to house


we cut down old linden tree living just a stub, about 5 meters from the house. Looking into planting Autamn blaze maple about a meter away for the stub but 4 meters away from the house. Two questions: Does this tree produses pollen and sap? Secondly, Its full sun location, we want to produse some shade, but to intrude in water pipes or killing th eroof of the house, also dont like the sap linden tree prodused.


The ‘Autumn Blaze’ Maple is a fast growing tree that will eventually be 50′ (15.2 m) tall and 40′ (12 m) wide. It is too large to be planted close to any house, for the reasons you gave. There are plenty of smaller shrubs and trees which you can plant, so consult our website, . Scroll down and enter “small trees” into our Find It Here Search Box.  There are many articles about the types of small trees suitable for city gardens.

Yes, sometimes the ‘Autumn Blaze’ will ooze sap, as most maples will. It also gives pollen, which is food for the insects that keep our plant world alive!