Plastic for Weed Eradication


I didn’t seem to get a photo attached last time, and tried a couple of times. Is the difference between using black and clear plastic, the zone I’m in? The Master Gardiner website article about solarisation was from California, and they used clear plastic. I might have a choice if this has to be redone for next year. This plastic wouldn’t last the winter, since I imagine it would freeze, and just break up into pieces. I’m optimistic I can get help before the winter. I’m very curious what’s going on under the plastic, so I wished I could have used clear plastic for that reason. Thank you for the support.


The black plastic method of weed control works by starving the weeds:  they cannot produce food through photosynthesis and eventually will exhaust their food supply and starve. This method takes time and will only work as long as no light reaches the plant.

The clear plastic technique of weed control eradicates weeds by solarisation i.e. subjecting weeds to lethally high temperatures. This method works during a hot period of the year and when the soil will receive the most direct sunlight.

You can find more details on these two methods of weed control here: