Tree Care


I live in Barrie, ON and 18 months ago, the city put this tree on our front yard. I thought it was a goner last year, but this year the foilage is better, but there are entire branches that seem ‘dead’ (dormant?). Should I be chopping off these ‘dead’ branches? Can I trim the ‘dead’ branches at the top? I don’t even know what kind of tree it is! How can I help it along?



Given the tree’s location and the fact that the city planted the tree, it is likely belongs to the city. As such, I recommend that you contact the city and report the tree problem, and request that a city arborist inspect the tree to determine the cause of the problem, and the best remedy. Do not trim off the dead branches as they will help the city arborist diagnose the problem.

The tree is difficult to identify from the photo. Please send a closeup photo of the branch/leaves if you would like us to identify.

If the city will not send out an arborist you could weed around the base, and add some mulch. Water deeply once a week during these hot months of summer. The mulch will help the tree roots stay moist between watering.