Preventing Morning Glory Spread



I have the small garden on the left of the photo. My neighbour has decided to grow very invasive morning glory on their fence. I want to create a new garden with low maintenance plants but I am worried that the Morning Glory will overtake it and grow wild. Is there anyway to stop these morning Glories? Thanks!


Oh dear. These morning glories may be coming over the fence for more than a visit. It is important to ensure that you take action on your side of the fence and not on your neighbour’s.

Here is what we would recommend. On the left garden bed (not the fence), pull up the entire vine, including as many of the roots as you can.¬†Morning glory roots can grow incredibly deep, so you may not be able to get all of them. If you can’t pull them up, cut as close to the ground as you can. Chop any remaining roots with a spade or shovel to keep them from sprouting again.

Lay a thick layer of mulch across the area to prevent sunlight and water from reaching any viable roots or sprouts.

Watch the area closely, so you can catch sprouts before they develop flowers or seeds. Although Morning glories are annuals and die in the winter, they are self-seeders so they may return with new sprouts.

When you are ready to plant your new garden, apply a layer of compost or rich soil to the bed. Some people believe that these vines thrive in poor soil.

Good luck with your project.