Privacy plants that grow tall


my neighbours cut down the tall pine trees that gave me privacy and built a fence. Their yard is a higher elevation than mine. Now they like to sit out and watch my back yard most of the day, and I find it unnerving. I would like to plant a privacy hedge, and was considering bamboo. It needs to be able to grow at least 12 feet tall or more. Do you have a suggestion. I live in Barrie ON zone 5


Unfortunately, this is an all too common problem for many people living in urban areas.  There are a few things you could consider, such as:

  1. Tall Plantings such as Bamboo or Columnar Beech Trees planted close together to form a hedge.  A word of warning, Bamboo can be very invasive and difficult to keep in cultivation so before planting this, other options should be closely considered.
  2. Soft landscaping such as tiered plantings or vertical beds with creepers.
  3. Hardscaping such as a fence trellis, lattice screens, raised garden beds or a pergola to give your patio privacy.
  4. Moveable screening such as sails, roll up shades, privacy panels or use of curtains.

Before making any rash decisions, consultation with a reliable, creative, knowledgeable landscape architect or landscape designer is strongly advised.  If you do not know such a professional, contact Landscape Ontario for recommendations in your area, link to their website is below:

Also, before building any form of permanent structure, check your local building codes for specifications and obtain all relevant permits.