Raising an Avocado


I have an avocado that now has roots enough to plant in soil. Do I remove the 2 halves of the pit when planting?




Thank you for calling with an excellent question. First, we’re attaching this link to a very thorough answer to a prior question on propagating and raising an avocado tree from the pit: https://www.torontomastergardeners.ca/askagardener/growing-avocado-from-pit/

Next, regarding your specific query re what to do with the pit: this has been the sole energy source for the germinating plant, and will continue to be until the pit is no longer useful. The developing stem will eventually ‘release’ the pit: this will occur naturally as the root system takes over the job of sending nutrients up to the plant stem and leaves. Once either half is no longer attached to the stem, gently remove from the pot. Until then, settle the plant/pit combo so that the pit sits partially above the soil surface — do this to both avoid possible rot below the soil, and allow the pit to dry out naturally. There are numerous varieties of avocado, and they grow at different rates, so prepare to be patient,  but have fun with your young plant!