Re-transplant Peppers?



This is my first year gardening. I built a couple of 4×8 raised beds in my small back yard. I planted bell peppers and ground cherries in the same bed, not realizing how massive ground cherries got! They have almost completely covered my pepper plants. Can I move the pepper plants to pots in the path?

They haven’t grown much, and I have read that they like heat (and it hasn’t been too warm), but I think the ground cherries are shading them too much.

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Hello, Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.  We love hearing from new gardeners!  I hope you become acquainted with our website, on it you will find answers to all of your gardening questions.

Yes!  Its fine to transplant your peppers now, especially if they are getting pushed around by your ground cherries.  

Choose your day: A cool overcast day is perfect for preventing root shock.  Next choose containers large enough, Peppers need room!  Look for containers with good drainage that are at least 12 inches in diameter and in depth.  Fill pots with a medium specially designed for containers .  Don’t use regular garden soil, as it will not provide the proper aeration for your plants roots.  Generously enrich this soil with compost and moisten thoroughly before transplanting.  Gingerly lift your peppers out with a shovel trying to leave the root ball intact.   Wait for a week or two before offering plants a feed of water-soluble liquid fertilizer.  Leave newly replanted pots in the shade for a couple of days and ensure that they don’t dry out.  You will find them picking up in no time.

I am attaching some very informative links as well as two of our Garden guides which you will find useful for fall and spring preparation.  

I am sure you will find much joy with your new garden.  Best of luck!