Removing Invasive Plant


I have had the Ontario Invasive Plant Council identify an invasive plant in my garden as chervil. I emailed a couple of photos I took – they also verified the plant’s name with the Ministry of Natural Resources. But the council don’t know what type of professional I need to contact to remove this plant which has grown to 6 feet or so and at this point in time still is in the flower stage. I want it at least down to the ground before seeds appear but because of the plant’s danger in touching and I’m not a professional here I don’t want to do it. I’ve been doing some reading on the plant but that only tells me what to do but not who.

I now Master Gardeners can’t recommend a specific company or individual. I can research that but I need to know what type of professional to call. From my reading I understand that herbicide spraying won’t work and I’m glad of that because the plant is on the edge of my vegetable garden, but not by a fence and easy access and also easy for me to avoid it as nothing is growing near it. Also there is a cat in the garden and I am allergic to herbicides.

Thank you for any information you can give me. Don’t know where else to turn.

Oh, I’m in East York Toronto and the soil is clay somewhat although topsoil is added each year. And of course somewhat wet with all the rain. Gets sun 6 to 8 hours a day this time of year until days get shorter in August. Not sure if you need this info for my request.




Hello Sharon;

Nice work in identifying your invasive .  In terms of who you want to use , I will first say that in general you want a landscape company which you can find at Landscape Ontario, see link below. But importantly please qualify that they have experience in working with removal of invasive plant species and have Integrated Pest Management expertise (even though you are not using herbicides). There are landscape companies as I am sure you are wary, who will be glad to remove for you, but do not really understand how best to deal with this situation.

Important factors in interviewing your landscape company candidates is for them to articulate to you what their proposed  approach for;  the method of removal , the timing ( a.s.a.p.  since it is in flower now),  the disposal method, and on going approach to weakening and eventually elimination if possible.

I should mention that since Chevril is a biennial, it should be possible to eliminate the infestation by  controlling the spread of seeds over the course of several seasons, (that is if you do not have neighboring infestations).


Best of luck with this !