Tree Protection Company



We have a mature garden, but some of the plants are being destroyed due to renovation.

What should we do to protect the plants during renovation / tear down of the house?

Do you know of any company that can come in and provide protection for trees and plants during renovation?


Hello Laura;

Sorry to hear about your construction woes.  The construction company should take measures to protect the surrounding area fro damage, or hopefully advise you that you need to take necessary measures, rather than just ignoring to push through the work.

Without having benefit of seeing your contract with them, (although we can’t advise you of legal rights), you do want to protect your trees and plants as they are an important asset.

I can direct you to Landscape Ontario to find either an arborist (if there are trees involved),  or a Landscape company who works in construction projects to advise you and also implement necessary protective measures.

Hope all goes well.

416-999-6053  Laura

left message July 12, at 11:15 am