Serviceberry cultivars


I am considering planting a serviceberry in front of a somewhat exposed window. I am trying to sort through the different varieties and cultivars. The location is almost full sun much of the day and shade in the afternoon, somewhat close to the house. I’d like it to be a delicious variety! Other considerations are that I’d like the foliage/bloom to occupy 4-15ft above ground throughout its lifespan (could go taller, but not be bare trunk under 5ft), and not to spread too wide (4-5ft-ish). Red/orange fall foliage would also be a bonus! Thank you!


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Our Toronto Master Gardener Website provides information on the varieties of Service Berries that would best suit your location: Service Berries Location and Growth Habit

This Toronto Master Gardener You Tube Video, with our planting a tree for life from our website provides details on planting instructions. Planting a Tree For Life, Shrubs

TMG Planting a Service Berry

Having grown different varieties of Amelanchier, keeping them at the size you specified is easy. I pruned mine in early spring removing any unwanted crossing branches, any branches taller than my reach as I use the berries to make jam. They can be pruned to the shape and size you want. I also remove small unwanted growth in the spring. Amelanchier are easy to grow once they are established.  This You Tube Video provides information on growth: General information on habit and growth