I live in Bayview Village. My “Fortissimo” narcissus were paler than usual this year. They had pale yellow petals (instead of the usual deeper yellow) and deep yellow trumpets (instead of the usual orange). They came on during the very warm weather in mid April. Why were they paler this year? Have you observed this in other situations?


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They may have required fertilizer, or organic compost, last year. You may have also removed the leaves before they deteriorate on their own: The Toronto Master Gardener Website provides information on bulb care:

Bulb Care,

Bulb Care and Leaves

Your photo does not show any signs of disease or pests, they are in full sunlight — as shade may deter a good bloom.  The leaves are full, and green. If your Perennial Narcissus Fortissimo are older than 5 years, they may decline in size and color;  it could be good to pull them out after the leaves have died down to divide them. Lastly, make sure your soil is well-draining, and that you are adding organic compost whenever replanting.