Siberian iris leaves going yellow and dry


In Pickering
Plant hardiness zone 5-6
Back yard gets 5-6 hours full sun
Top soil put in recently
Watering soil consistently

My iris plant is getting yellow and dry leaves. I’m not sure why.
Please help.


Thank-you for consulting Toronto Master Gardeners with your question.

The Siberian iris in your photo is in a pot, but your question seems to indicate that your iris planting is in a garden bed.  If you are growing the iris in the pot in the photo, that could be your problem. These plants are not particularly well adapted to container gardening. If you just recently planted your Siberian irises, they may be suffering from the shock of being transplanted. These perennials can take some time to re-establish themselves. They like a moist soil, but good drainage. It is also possible that you are over-watering them. In any of these cases, your plant will likely survive. Just remove the yellow or dead leaves.

The following link is for an article on Growing Siberian iris:

Good luck with your plants!