Replace Six Year Old Strawberry Plants?


Hello, last year’s strawberry plants were not that productive. I believe they are an everbearing variety. They are situated in full sun. Should strawberry plants be replaced every few years. And if so, which type would you recommend for a Toronto garden. Thank you.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

It must have been so disappointing to have a poor crop of strawberries last year.

It is hard to say why the plants did not produce well. Was there any late cold spells that may have had an effect on the flowers and pollination? Are there any changes to the area? Changes in airflow, amount of shade, or drainage can happen if there has been any changes to the nearby landscape. Did any grass fertilizer land on the beds in inadvertently. This would encourage green leafy growth and not the berries.Taking a close look at the location may reveal clues as to why they did not produce.

Most strawberry plants send off runners from the main plant which in turn become new plants. If yours does this than you can nurture these new seedlings to rejuvenate your stock. If not and you wish to replace the plants, your best bet is to speak to a good local nursery to find out which strawberries do well in your area.

I have attached an excellent source below from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture which outlines all of the growing tips and tricks to use with strawberries. Further down in the article it specifically discusses the everbearing varieties.

Good luck!