Cherry Trees


How much are sweet and sour cherry trees?



There are several varieties of cherry trees that are recommended for the home garden and are listed at the Toronto Master Gardener site at:

The OMAFRA  link listed in the Toronto Master Gardener site above also gives a thorough and easy to understand overview of growing fruit trees in your home garden.

Costs will vary according to the cultivar and size of cherry tree stock purchased.  Fruit trees consist of two parts – a scion (pronounced sigh-on) and a rootstock. The scion or fruiting cultivar is grafted or budded onto a chosen rootstock and forms the above ground part of the tree. The new tree is the same cultivar as the tree from which the buds were taken, and will produce fruit of that cultivar.

In your garden it may be preferable to purchase a dwarfing rootstock, because it produces a more compact fruit tree that will bear fruit earlier in its life. Trees of this stature are easier to prune, spray, pick and require less space to grow.  Other factors that reduce tree size are pruning, cropping, and adverse soil conditions such as gravel, hardpan or clay fill.

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