Small Balls on Boston Ivy Leaves


I’m growing Boston ivy, and these small white balls have appeared on the underside of some of the leaves. Should I be concerned?


From your photo it appears that the white balls are waxy deposits. One of our earlier posts deal with this very issue:

The waxy deposits on the leaf surface is  a physiological disorder  known as oedema caused by overwatering or high humidity. This disorder  develops when roots take up water faster than it can be used by the plant or transpired through the leaves. Water pressure builds up in the cells of the leaves causing them to burst resulting in white or tan blisters of corky tissue forming on the leaf surface. As the condition worsens, leaves may turn yellow, droop, and fall off. Cutting back on water without letting the plant dry out should eliviate the problem.”

The Missouri Botanical garden has an excellent article and photos on this disorder:


Hope this helps!