Transplanting Cedar Hedge


Based on the City order we have to remove some cedar hedges from the front yard.Please let us know if we can transplant those hedges into rear yard without dying. their age is 12 years old and the height is 4 feet in the front yard.
Please give me answer soon because of the Toronto city notice.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardenes with your inquiry.

How unfortunate that you have been ordered to remove your cedar hedge in the middle of August by the City.  Summer is certainly not the ideal time to transplant a 12 year old established cedar hedge.  Your success rate would increase if you could negotiate with the City to postpone the transplanting of the hedge to the later fall.

I am assuming you will relocate your hedge to a location with similar soil structure and sunlight.  You will not want to choose an area that is in the shade.

The following two web sites will give you detailed instructions on how to transplant your hedge with the greatest success.  Very important will be the addition of a few inches on mulch under the hedge and over the roots of the cedars, ensuring that the mulch is kept at least 3 inches away from the trunk. This will help maintain a consistent level of moisture for root survival.  Do not add fertilizer in the fall.

Good luck.

You may be interested in additional important information about pruning, fertilizing, watering and pests and diseases  regarding cedars which is available on the Toronto Master Gardeners’ web site – just search for cedars.