Soil Solarization for Large Patches of Weeds of Lawn


Hi, I am a not very fit senior on a budget. I have a large back yard and I have areas where there is no grass growing just weeds. I have been doing some research on soil solaraization to kill the weeds and have found conflicting information as to whether to use clear plastic film or black tarps. What do you say?


You can use either black tarp or clear plastic film; both will work, as they aim to kill weeds using different means. Black is used where the intent is to starve the weeds to death by preventing them from photosynthesizing, while clear plastic is used where you want to “cook” the weeds to death. Please take a look at the following answer for further information on both processes. We wish you the best of luck in killing your weeds.

Putting a small garden to rest using black plastic