Starting Perennial Seeds now


Hello, I want to know if I can start perennial flower plants from seed now? I am fine with not getting flower this year, but if I can get a plant that gets established through the year to next spring, i will be happy.


Late winter, if you have grow lights, or early spring, if you have a bright sunny window are the ideal times to start seeds indoors.  That being said, depending on the perennial seeds you want to start, I’d say ‘go for it’, but I do have a few pointers, see below:

  1. Follow the instructions on the seed package.
  2. If the seeds need stratification or scarification, follow the instructions and depending on length of time needed, it may be too late to proceed now – wait until next year and get started earlier.
  3. Use a soilless mix for planting / seed starting.
  4. Water as recommended.
  5. Cover if necessary, following package instructions.
  6. Once germination has taken place and seedlings have sprouted, uncover and move to a sunnier location.
  7. When one set of real leaves have grown, you can begin the hardening off process by moving plants outside for periods of time.
  8. Transplant into a bigger pot and put outside full time in the ideal growing conditions for the species.
  9. Remember to keep it watered.
  10. Once it has grown to a reasonable size, clear a location for it in the garden, removing weeds.
  11. Transplant and label so that you will know what it is next spring.
  12. Water until freeze up in the fall.

Hope this helps.