Succulent Identification*


Hello. I saw the most beautiful hanging succulent today and would like to know what it is called. It had very delicate light green vines with leaves on it and miniature rosettes (blue in this case) on the vines, maybe an inch or so apart.
Thank you!


Thank you for your inquiry.

Succulents are some of the most diverse in form and flower on earth. There are over 50 families that are classed as succulents.

A succulent plant has thick stems or leaves that store water. This unique adaptation allows the plant to survive in low moisture regions of the world. Plants living in a semi-desert habitat have a shallow root system that allows them to gather water during infrequent rainfalls. Succulents are often thought to be native only to arid regions, such as deserts, but they also belong in forest settings, high alpine regions, coasts and dry tropical areas.

It is especially difficult to identify plants solely from descriptors, so if you wish, you may send photo of the plant to Ask a Master Gardener. Alternately, search trailing succulents with flowers or review the websites with images of a large number of succulents listed below.

Hopefully one of these will be a match!