Succulent plants care


Hi there, we just purchased a succulent plant and received conflicting information on how and when to water it. I attached a picture below and if you can please provide advice on how to water and care for this plant, that would be very much appreciated. Thank you


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

The plant you purchased is indeed a succulent: the following Toronto Master Gardener website provides detailed information on Growing Cactus and other succulents. Conflicting care information is often due to the source, and the succulent variety. There are many species, and thousands of hybrid cultivars, with variations within the species. Nonetheless, all succulents require good soil drainage. The trick is to allow the soil to become completely dry to the touch before watering. We find that most house plants are overwatered. Succulents should not be fertilized during the winter months when growth has slowed down. Keep in a south facing window, as they require a minimum of 4 hours of sunlight, and preferably indirect sunlight, which we have during the winter.

You might find this interesting: a short clip on Identifying succulents.

The succulent in the photo could be an Aeonium succulent, or Sempervivum. There are many variations even within a species to narrow down the exact type of succulent from your photo. The Aeonium is native to the Mediterranean Canary Islands. Care of the succulent would mimic the Islands growing conditions for Aeoniums  Please also see a short video on Aeonium propagation

Sempervivum is a genus of approximately 40 species of the Crassulaceae family and thousands of hybrid cultivars. There is an abundance of information on their care How to grow and care for Sempervivum (forever live). And for how to repot Sempervivum with general information on growing and habitat: Sempervivum Repotting

Happy growing with your new succulent.