Soil Composition


I have a community garden here in Toronto. I am thinking of topping up my garden by adding a couple of inches of Triple Mix (soil, peat moss and compost).
After applying this layer of Triple Mix can I also work in an inch or two of processed turkey manure without going over board on the compost element? Also can I add a mix consisting of a cup of the same processed chicken or turkey compost along with bone meal and some soil into each planting hole when planting my tomato, lettuce and bean seedlings in the Spring? Thank You Brian


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners

Please refer to the Toronto Master Gardener gardening guide on  Soil Fertility

Adding Triple Mix to your garden will of course change the present soil composition, but you have not mentioned whether this is currently clay-y, or sandy, or perhaps loamy?  You say “topping up”, so possibly you just wish to make the existing soil lighter, and more friable. Processed poultry compost provides certain nutrients, and bone meal provides others, but either way, your nutrient additives should preferably reflect the needs of the plants’ roots you will be feeding, addressed in  Manure for the Vegetable Garden.

Please see our TMG Guide addressing basic knowledge of soil structure and amendments: Soil Structure, Soil Structure and Testing.

One very good know-your-soil option recommended for gardeners is to test your soil via University of Guelph Soil Testing

For further reading on our TMG website please see Compost Versus Manure. 

Happy gardening this season!