Tiger eye sumac


Hi Toronto Master Gardeners,
I would like to plant those beautiful sumacs and have heard that they are invasive. That it is hard to get rid of the suckers. Would it help to plant them with the pot ,- the bottom cut out? Or what else could I do?
Your answer would be very appreciated!
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Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.  The Tiger Eye sumac is a dwarf cultivar of the native Staghorn sumac (Rhus typhina), which is known for its suckering spread and naturally forms thickets.  Tiger Eye is smaller, growing to approximately 6 feet high with a similar spread.  Tiger Eye grows slowly and is said to spread less, but will eventually send out shoots or suckers.  Growing this shrub in a pot with the bottom removed and sunk into the ground will slow growth but the roots will find their way out the bottom or over the top eventually. You will still need to remove suckers in a few years.  Most references recommend a “large” pot.  If you choose this option, the shrub size when you plant it and the space you are setting it in are factors. A pot diameter of twice the width and depth of the root ball, or larger, is a rough minimum estimate.  Although restricting growth by planting in a pot is your goal, this can also impede root access to water, air and nutrients and will be a factor to consider as you monitor your shrub’s health. Sumac sucker control is an ongoing task.  Regularly scout for emerging suckers.  Cut suckers at or just below ground level with shears or loppers.  If suckers are growing into a lawn, mowing is a practical method as well.

This answer to a previous question on our website may also provide some helpful information TMG Tiger eye sumac. Further reading about Tiger Eye sumac can also be done here.

Best of luck with growing Tiger Eye Sumac!