Annabelle Hydrangeas


I have some now growing in an awkward spot & would like to dig up and replant. Can I do so now 8n October. And also plan to add compost-which time is best….now or Spring? Thank you so much for any advice you can provide. I am a resident of Mississauga, so hopefully my location can apply to your site as it comes in under GTA.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners about the replanting Annabelle Hydrangeas. Below is a Gardening Guide link from our TMG website which contains general information on planting and care of hydrangeas.

Annabelle hydrangeas are hardy and transplanting should take place when the plant is dormant. Late fall and early spring are both good times to transplant them. The links included here detail proper depth of planting, amendments to the soil (like compost) and watering after transplant. Enjoy re-locating your hydrangea in our beautiful fall weather. It’s a great time to be in the garden.

october 7, 2022