Transplant creeping thyme


Hi I planted creeping thyme last year. This year, I see them growing, they are bigger and cover more space. I need to transplant not the whole plant but divide it into 2 and move the other part of the plant to different area of my garden. Can I do that? Can I do that now? How to divide them into 2? Just go to the middle and dig? Thank you so much.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your inquiry.

Creeping thyme (Thymus praecox subsp. arcticus), also known as Mother-of-Thyme, is an easily grown, tough,  ground cover that can with stand moderate foot traffic. For this reason, it is often planted as a lawn substitute or between stepping stones.

Creeping thyme plants are what are referred to as “carpeter” plants. They send down numerous stems into the ground as it expands. As a result, they are easily propagated by division. Divisions can be done in either the spring, once the soil warms up or in the fall. Simply cut approximately 2″ chunks from an established plant and transplant it elsewhere. Creeping Thyme, Planting, Care and Propagation, Thyme the Fragrant Ground Cover are both excellent articles which give detailed information on propagation along with plant care.