Tree Around Pool


I need to plant a tree in the corner of my yard, beside the pool. The area is apoximately 7-8 feet from the pool border to the fence corner (it’s a triangle). Would like to have tree for the privacy as well, that corner is looking to other yards. Thank you



We have had similar questions and replies by Toronto Master Gardeners.

“Tree or shrub hedging for privacy around a pool that are slow growing or easy to maintain are :

Hornbeams, Oaks, Dogwoods, Yews, Cedars, Boxwoods, Sorbaria, Privet, Ninebark and any non fruit or nut bearing Fastigiata varieties of trees and hedges are suitable. You can choose a dwarf variety of plant material, prune artfully, and dwarf any large variety by pruning as long as it planted with proper spacing and pruned correctly during the right time of year. The hornbeams, oaks, and dogwoods all look a leafy green during summer. Sorbaria is unconventional and has vigorous tender roots but it would not damage the pool, lookstropical, and has white flowers. Ninebarks are large, upright, colourful, and easy to prune.”

Under story shrubs and plants for the base of a hedge are box woods, euonymus, shrub hydrangeas, and different varieties of shorter softer grasses. Hydrangeas fill in very quickly, are fairly low maintenance, and have nice flowers to look at while lounging.  An unconventional hedge of nothing but grasses is also an option as some grasses grow up to 2 meters tall and 1 meter wide. However, some grasses can scratch the skin and must be planted at the back of the hedge away from walkways. If you have a chain link fence keep in mind that non fruiting perennial vines such as climbing hydrangea (slow growing), clematis, and dutchmans pipe would all fill the void and backdrop of a chain link fence.”

Another suggested tree that is suitable near a pool is suggested by another author:

“Greenspire linden, Tilia cordata Greenspire, sounds like your ideal tree from the following site, which mentions it is “tidy and low maintenance, …ideal near a pool”   ”