Plants for Kawartha Lakes Area


I would like to plant white pines, blue spruce, a magnolia tree, some rose bushes, hydrangeas… what do you advise for this location?


If I understand correctly you live year round in the Kawartha Lakes area and you have a garden and you would like suggestions on what to plant in it. There are so many things to consider in answering a question such as this. Do you live in a residential area or amongst the forests, rocks and lakes of the Canadian shield? How good is the quality of the soil in your garden?  Do you have flower beds? Is your garden in the shade or full sun? Do deer come wandering on your property?  You also need to consider the length of your growing season and plant appropriately. Without knowing all the answers the best option for you would to be to plant native plants and trees. Below are some links to websites that will help you decide what to plant. Needless to say a lot will depend on what you can purchase locally. Take a look at other peoples gardens in the area to see what it thriving and take note. With regards to the plants you mention – white pines and blue spruce should do okay. Not so sure the conditions are right for the others doing well in Kawartha Lakes.

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