Tree Recommendation


We are new to tree and home ownership and we would like to plant 2-3 trees in our backyard in Markham. Which shade tree would you recommend given below preferences?

– does not attract bug and insect or few bug issue
– 5-30 feet max ideally
– no big root system as our yard is small
– spring blossom would be great
– easy to maintain as we are new to this

We would appreciate any guidance as the resource on internet is so overwhelming that we don’t know where to start. Thanks.


Thank you for coming to the Toronto Master Gardeners group with your question regarding trees for your backyard.  The internet can be over-whelming with the volume of information.  I am going to suggest that you start your search for a suitable tree (or trees) by going to the Landscape Ontario website.  The link is

This link provides information on each of the trees listed.  While some are larger than you would like, others might fit your requirements quite nicely – dogwood, serviceberry and Japanese lilac to name just a few.

In addition to your list of requirements, there are other considerations when selecting a tree – soil, shade from neighbouring trees, what you want to have grow under your trees, hydro and other service lines, size of the planting area (there are small backyards and then there are really small backyards).  Are you planning to plant the trees along the back fence or in the garden along the foundation of your house?

Visit your local garden centre that carries a variety of trees.  They will likely have someone on staff who can tell you what grows well in Markham and fits your wish list.