Tree Seeds


Hi I am traveling to Toronto in the next few weeks and I would like to buy seeds for some of your native trees and try and grow them. Where can I purchase seeds?


Thank you for writing, and it’s nice to hear that you are visiting Toronto, welcome!

Toronto Master Gardeners aims to advise clients on the all things horticultural — except pointing our clients in the direction of specific retailers. Our mandate is to educate clients on the cultivation, and nurture of your plants; hence TMG encourages gardeners to research  sources for supplies and plant material.

But your query seems very reasonable, as you may not be familiar with our city and region. We can direct you to a provincial organization, Landscape Ontario. Their site contains excellent gardening information, and there you will find a list of local garden centers. However, while most nurseries carry potted tree stock, of varying degrees of maturity, it is unusual to find tree seed for sale. As for identifying native trees, please see the listing published by LEAF, and here is their contact information.

Importantly, are you staying in Toronto to live, or are you traveling back to your home, elsewhere in Ontario, or Canada? If you are returning to a country outside of Canada, you may wish to read the attached, and be in touch with  the Province of Ontario Tree Seed Facility, and also be aware of regulations/restrictions that your home country may have on the import of non-native tree species. Very best on your travels, and we hope this information is helpful.