Tri Coloured Beech Tree *


When is the best time to trim my beech tree? it is located on the south side of my house. it is healthy just needs to be trimmed back. it is approximately 10-12 feet tall. any tips would be helpful


The tri colour beech (Fagus sylvatica ‘Roseo-Marginata’) is  a fairly large tree growing to about 30 feet. Hopefully you have taken this into consideration. Most freestanding trees develop and maintain a good shape without intervention. Presumably you wish to prune your tree in order to restrict its size and curb its rate of growth. Generally speaking it is recommended that you should keep pruning to a minimum with this species of tree. Usually you would only remove dead or crossing branches. Any pruning that is required should be done in winter when the tree is dormant. How a tree is pruned will affect its future growth and ultimate shape. Proper pruning is crucial as it directs tree growth and reduces the need for pruning in later years.

There are three major types of cut. A reduction cut removes congested growth and reduces the size of a tree, improves the tree’s health by allowing more light and air to penetrate the canopy. A heading or topping cut is used on young trees to slow growth and increase branching on long thins stems. On mature trees this cut is used to bring a large tree to a desired size.  These cuts are made between nodes or branches leaving a stub. However, these cuts can cause the tree to sprout numerous flimsy shoots from the cut and is considered inappropriate on large trees. A removal cut removes a branch back to the trunk. The part that remains on the tree is larger than the part removed.

Remember whatever tool you use for pruning it should be kept sharp and clean. Much has been written about pruning trees. Below are a couple of links to reputable websites on this topic, as well as information on the tri-colour beech.