Tropical Hibiscus


Do you know where in Canada i can buy different varieties..??


Below you will find a very useful link outlining the different types of hibiscus available and how & where they should be grown in Ontario.

Once familiar with these options and knowing your planting location – indoors or outside, annual or perennial, tree or shrub etc…..  you can then set about finding a supplier.

If you want an indoor, container grown, tropical plant that can be brought outside to a patio or balcony during summer and then brought back inside to overwinter once temperatures reach -2/-3 degrees C, then your local florist or garden center should be able to help you with on-site stock or placing a special order.

If you want a shrub or small tree hibiscus (commonly called Rose of Sharon), to be a permanent fixture in your garden beds, then you should contact a local nursery to see if they currently have stock or if not, when they will be getting some plants in for the spring market.

Hope this helps.