What is the name of this rose?


I bought this plant from walmart 3 years ago and they are around 2 meters high and the roses are pink (please see attached picture). I also bought another plant which I do not have picture of and now it is all just bare canes, this one is around 3 meters high and the roses are yellow. Can you please name both of them if you could. Thank you very much.


Firstly let me say, identifying your rose has not been easy as your photo is not that clear, but I believe your plants to be from the Knock Out family of Roses which Walmart had in stock around 2019.

The pink one appears to be Pink Double Knock Out (‘Radtkopink’).  With no photo provided, I would hazard a guess and say your yellow plant is most likely Sunny Knock Out (‘Radsunny’).

Take a look at the website link below and compare the amazing pictures featured with the plants in your own garden, you should be able to see a resemblance and make a positive I.D.


Hope this helps.