Vegetable Seedlings


I plant a vegetable garden yearly. I rely on my local nurseries to provide seedling sales. With covid still around will I have any difficulty finding these seedlings. Namely, tomatoes, peppers , kale, brussel sprouts etc.And would you be able to provide retailers in the North york area? Thanks


During the Covid-19 pandemic, many nurseries/garden centres have set up on-line ordering, and offer delivery and/or curbside pickup.  Consider contacting these centres near you to see if they are selling seedlings.  Landscape Ontario has an excellent search function, where you can find centres close to you.

We are not permitted to recommend sources/retailers where you can buy plants.  However, a Google search using terms like “vegetable seedlings Ontario” (or “….  Toronto”), might yield several options.  As the pandemic has altered the way many stores do business, it’s always a good idea to call in advance to confirm that they stock the seedlings you are looking for.

Finally, if you have difficulty sourcing the seedlings, consider starting some of the vegetables from seed.  Again, you could search on-line or ask your local nursery if they are selling seeds.

Good luck in your search!