Viburnum drooped young leaves


Hi, I live in North York. I planted native Viburnum lentago last year and moved it a bit this year. It was doing quite well all the time, but after that big storm in Toronto I noticed that the very young leaves had drooped. I wonder if this is some infection, or could be a mechanical damage due to the strong rain. Two other viburnums dentago next to it did not show any problems.
What is your opinion. Thank you very much.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your question regarding Viburnum lentago (sometimes called Nannyberry).  Both of the issues you mention could be possibilities for the symptoms you are seeing in your shrub.  If there are visible signs of damage to branches or leaf stems then this could be the cause of leaf droop distal to these damaged areas.  In that case, carefully prune away the damaged plant material.  Good cultural practices should then help to revive your shrub, which thrives in full sun but can also do well in partial or dappled shade. They like even moisture and can thrive in clay or loam soils.  Ensure good air circulation by avoiding crowding with other plants.  You can also add nutrients to the soil around the shrub with composted manure, or another organic fertilizer.

It is also possible that a pest or disease is the culprit.  Clemson University Extension provides a good list of possible pests and diseases in Viburnum Viburnum pests and diseases . You didn’t mention whether the leaves have any markings or discolouration.  This list may help you hone in on a specific disease or pest.  One caveat about this reference is treatment section at the end.  Ontario has specific restrictions for pesticide use and you can find more information here Pesticide use in Ontario.

Y0u also mentioned that you have recently moved this plant.  Although it was initially doing well, it is possible that the move has stressed your Viburnum.  In that case, the cultural practices mentioned above should help to restore your plant to good health.

We hope this information is helpful. If you need further assistance, please submit a photo of the plant with a close-up of the leaves to help with more detailed diagnosis.

June 3, 2022