Haberlea Rhodopensis


Hello, I am in zone 5 Toronto. Would the Orpheus flower grow in dry shade or dappled sunlight? Where can I buy this plant?


Haberlea rhodopensis (the Orpheus flower) is a hardy relative of the African Violet, and grows best in part or full shade. Soil should be moist but well-drained, the plant has average water needs – do not over-water.   See North American Rock Garden Society’s Plant of the month for February 2011 for details on how to care for the plant.

We are not permitted to recommend specific businesses where plants can be purchased.  I’d suggest that you check with your local nursery to see if they can help.  Another resource is Landscape Ontario  – you can search for a list of nurseries near your home, the site provides contact information for each.

Haberlea rhodopensis belongs to the gesneriad family.  The Toronto African Violet and Gesneriad Society  may be able to help source the plant for you.

All the best in finding your Orpheus flower!

May 30 2022


Jackie Campbell May 30 2022 (jacklyn.campbell@gmail.com)  — BPC member – feel free to amend this response as you see fit.


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