Which tree is this?*


Hi everyone!

After spending hours on the Net, I still can’t ID this tree in our backyard. It’s next to our very old pines and am concerned that that it will damage them.

I’ve added a photo of some leaves.

Thanks for any help!



We believe the tree may be a Morus alba, or White Mulberry, an introduced species which is considered to be moderately invasive and whose seeds are dispersed over large distances by birds. Its threat is that it will hybridize with our native Morus rubra.  Here is a link with some further information on this species:  https://treecanada.ca/en/resources/tree-killers/plants/while-mulberry/

If you do not want this tree amongst your stand of pines, you could certainly consider having it removed.  Morus alba will not damage your pines, but it will compete for available water and soil nutrients.