whitley’s speedwell – Veronica whitleyi


I bought whitley’s speedwell – veronica whitleyi.
I wanted veronica liwanensis but what is available now is veronica whitleyi and vernonica waterperry blue. What do you think about veronica whitleyi which one is better veronica whitleyi or waterperry? in term of surviving Toronto winter, better ground cover etc. Thank you so much.




Veronica whitleyi and Veronica surculosa ‘Waterperry Blue’ are slightly different. Which will work better depends on the characteristics of the site where they will be planted.

V. whitleyi requires full sun, while Waterperry Blue will also grow in part shade. V. whitleyi is taller and spreads more and grows faster and tolerates more foot traffic. Waterperry Blue will grow in clay soil and needs more moisture. They are also different colours, if that matters.

Here is some additional information: