Winterizing Mandevilla Vine


Hello pro`s !
I got this year a mandevilla and it is at 7 feet high. I live in Brampton, Ont.Canada, and don`t know ab.winterizing it. They say to cut down to 30 cm..2`..???
I have a basement floor level some sun during winter…I can have the inside temp. at cca 20n C …can you please advise me on that..
Thank you in advance


Mandevilla is a woody vine that should be brought indoors before temperatures drop below 15 degrees Celsius.  Mandevillas can be overwintered in a dormant state (i.e., cut back as you have noted and kept in a cool, dark space such as a basement or garage), or they can be treated as a houseplant if your conditions are appropriate.  Your basement space will be warm enough to overwinter your Mandevilla as a houseplant, but Mandevillas need to have bright, indirect sunlight to thrive, and you will have to judge whether your winter light will be bright enough.  If you are treating your Mandevilla as a house plant, you will only need to prune it back so that it is a manageable size for your space.

Here are some instructions from a previous Toronto Master Gardeners post.  For further reading, here is a link to more information on winterizing these fantastic tropical plants:  and another with information about overwintering tropical bloomers in general and some specific advice about Mandevillas:

Best of luck keeping your beautiful specimen healthy until next spring.