Wisteria prunning to control size


I live in Toronto near Yonge and St. Clair, I have a Chinese wisteria growing on an arbour where it gets sun from the South and the West. It is about fifteen years old and it revived last year after being mostly killed by some fungus about three years ago. It used to grow westwards but now is also growing eastwards. In its first life it took 9 years before it started blooming
– 1- I need to control its size and shape because my garden is not large.
– 2- I hope it will bloom again but I have forgotten how to prune it to encourage its flowering.
Please tell me how to prune in order to work towards these two objectives.
Thank you


The Toronto Master Gardeners are happy that your wisteria survived a fungal infection is now back in good health.

For pruning advice, both to control size and to encourage bloom, take a look at the Toronto Master Gardeners’ guide How to Get Wisteria to Bloom, and at this humourous yet practical article on pruning wisteria vines written by Cass Turnbull of Plant Amnesty.

Best of luck and hope your wisteria will bloom again in the very near future.