Wisteria Tree or Vine


Is there a difference between a wisteria vine & tree? I have been trying to find out where to purchase a tree, as I have seen pictures. Yet am always directed back to the vine. Any info would be appreciated



No there is no botanical difference between a Wisteria vine and a Wisteria tree. “Wisteria is a deciduous twining climber native to China, Japan and eastern United States.” (Royal Horticultural Society, UK) The difference is in the training and pruning. Wisteria can grow to 30′ and can be quite aggressive so the tree form is a good solution for growing Wisteria in a smaller garden. Here are two sites that show you how to train a Wisteria vine into the standard or tree form. You can also take a look at one of our comments on buying Wisteria. It also contains a link to how to grow Wisteria.

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