I am writing to clarify my ongoing confusion re yews. I am wanting to plant a hedge around my stone patio but want to be able to maintain this hedge no higher than 3 feet and 2 feet wide. When I read tags re. growth it seems they all get too big yet pictures online appear to be what I am looking for. Is there a special type of yew I should be looking at. Thank you


I think your confusion between the evergreen descriptions versus the visuals of hedged evergreens is due to the fact that although their optimal height may be 6 – 8 ‘ etc., they can be maintained at a shorter height by pruning, especially if they are slow growing varieties. There are several varieties of Yews that could meet your required size through judicious pruning. I have included a couple of links that may help you decide. One is our gardening guide for choosing evergreens for hedging. The other is the answer to a previous question about hedges that includes information about Yew hedges.

I hope this helps you decide.