• Raising an Avocado

    I have an avocado that now has roots enough to plant in soil. Do I remove the 2 halves of the pit when planting?    

  • Separating Bulbs of Ornamental Pineapple Plant

    Hi, I have an ornamental pineapple plant that I bought about 9 months ago. It has grown a lot and it now has 2 shoots that are growing on each side of the original plant and they are over half ...

  • Gardenia

    i bought gardenia this spring with lots of buds. i transferred it in bigger pot in the house where there is lots of sunlight. in few days all the buds ...

  • Plant Identification

    I have this plant that I have been trying to identify. It is surprisingly very sturdy. Sometimes it would go for weeks between waterings and yet it stays green. ...

  • Sick croton?

    Hi, My friend saw my plant the other day and told me it looks sick. I have no idea what's wrong with the plant. The plant has been like this when I first got it from my Aunt. It has been ...

  • Plant Identification: Cyclamen

    Could you please help me identify this plant? I live in Toronto and the plant was bought at a garden center right here itself.  Unfortunately, it did not come with name tag. The only thing the person in charge could tell ...

  • Fiddle leaf fig

    There are spots on my fiddle leaf and I'm wondering if you can help me figure out what they are from:

  • Bonsai Courses

    Hi, Are you offering bonsai courses for this summer? thanks

  • Pandanus veitchii Plant

    I just wanted to report that my plant is still doing great. It has several shoots (babies). How tall should the shoots be before taking them from the plant to root them? Also, I was thinking that for ...

  • Indoor Plant Identity Cryptanthus

    I have had this plant for a while but do not know its name. It grows then splits apart which I stick in some soil and it continues to grow, flowering occasionally. Thank you