• Lost Leaves on Eugenia

    Is my Schubert dead?

  • Plants for Artificial Light Indoors

    Would like a list of plants that will do well under artificial light

  • Overwintering Ferns

    This spring I purchased two large (very upright) ferns from the home depot. They have done spectacularly this summer and I'm wondering if planted in the ground will they survive the winter. We are northwest of Ottawa (zone 3 or ...

  • Lack of Hoya Blooms

    Hi, I've had a Hoya plant in the family for decades. My mother used to have it loaded with blooms at various times of year. Now, it hasn't bloomed in years, save for one single bloom this past ...

  • House Plant Sanctuary

    I'd like to know if there is a place where you can bring house plants when they are too big for your place or you can not take a good care of them any more. I've had plants which were ...

  • Orchid Bark Mix for Repotting

    Hello TMG, I'm so glad this site exists. I am having some trouble finding orchid bark mix to repot two of my phalaenopsis orchids. All of the major stores I go to (Canadian Tire, Home Depot) seem to have the soil ...

  • Pilea Help

    Pilea Peperomioides. Mother plant is very well and very fertile. But, cuttings started showing strange marks on leaves. Some of them bear white patches - distance between all of them is the same. More, the youngest leaf shows brown string patterned ...

  • Is My Plant Sick?

    Hi there we have a fern type tree with a new growth is this diseased? If so how do we dispose?

  • Norfolk Pine Houseplant

    I accidentally broke a branch on my plant please ,help. It's not broken all the way off can it be saved

  • Epiphyllum German Empress

    I live in Alberta and have not had any luck in finding this orchid cactus locally, was wondering if you have any information of hobbyist or society in Canada that would be able to put me in contact with some ...