• Identification of Unknown Succulent

    This plant was donated to our greenhouse on campus. I am not sure what kind of succulent it is and I've tried identification apps, but they don't come up with the same plant.

  • Hibiscus

    Hello, I live in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Can I grow a hibiscus plant outside? If so, which variety would be the best and where can I purchase it? Thank you, Lina.

  • Tree Fern

    Saw a show from the UK "Escape to the Country" They had a magnificent row of very tall tree ferns. Can we grow them here or in PEI? Many thanks for your helpl

  • Ficus House Plant

    Hi there. I believe I have a ficus tree which I’ve had in my apartment for years. Last summer I put it out on my balcony and it flourished. So this year I did the same thing. We’ve ...

  • Care of Miltoniopsis Orchids

    I recently purchased a Miltoniopsis Bert Field Am/AOS orchid and a Miltoniopsis Lennart Karl Gottling" Red Rim" orchid. They are both jammed very tightly into their pots, so I pulled one out of the pot to check what medium they ...

  • Amaryllis Planting in a Toronto Garden

    can an Amaryllis survive a Toronto winter? What secrets are there to make it bloom in the summer in the garden?

  • Care of Orchids

    I just recently purchased a Miltoniopsis Bert Field Am/AOS orchid and a Miltoniopsis Lennart Karl Gottling “Red Rim” orchid. Could you please tell me how to care for these lovely orchids and the perfect medium for them. Any ...

  • orchids

    something has begun to eat my orchid flowers can i spray with a mitacide ?

  • Overwintering a Juniper Bonsai Tree

    Hi there! I was given a Juniper bonsai tree as a gift last week and I was hoping to get some overwintering advice, as it is my first bonsai tree. From my research I know that normally a Juniper bonsai ...

  • Winterize Banana Corm

    Hey This was my first year storing Banana plant(matured 8ft tall) in dark cold cellar. In june, i found stem got brown and mushy so chopped it to the corm. The corm is hard and size of a soccer ball....wondering if ...