Acidic soil perennials and other questions


Hello, I need help in the following:
– flowering perennials to grow in acidic soil conditions
– I have hydragenzas
– Indoor airy focal plants for planters
– Indoor draping unique plants that would drape down in a planter
– The best edging I can use for flowerbeds
– Best way to grow grass in a shady area
Thank you


Well, thank you for your five questions for Toronto Master Gardeners. I hope you like my recommendations. They are all plants that I have grown. The good news is that the garden centres are now open so you can ask there for other recommendations,

  1. Some of the best flowering perennials for acidic soil are Iris, Azalea, Heath (Erica) nd Rhododendron.
  2. Ferns are the best indoor airy plants. Some Boston Ferns can live almost indefinitely. Be sure they receive adequate moisture.
  3. Unique plants to drape down a planter: hands down, I recommend Hoya. You may even be lucky enough to get it to bloom after a few years. It’s easy and it is unusual.
  4.  The best edging for flowerbeds…most gardeners would say to create a trough or to use a flat strip of bricks that will not catch the lawnmower.
  5. As for growing grass in dry shade, please read this answer to a previous question sent in to our group.

In case you decide to get rid of difficult and expensive lawn, there are loads of ideas on our website. We do have a Search button but it is hard to find. Just scroll down on the home page and you’ll see the Find It Here Search box. I’ve attached another answer just to pique your interest. Please feel free to look at our pages.

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